Light emitting suns of many varieties, interior-exterior, furnace or mirror, explosion or coming together.
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Tante Yvette

Tante Yvette was a Catholic sister.

She lived a life of devotion and retreat.

She was light giving and spiritually awake and alive. This painting tries to share some of that light.

To the Sun

Energy emitting Suns of all and any type or size. Metaphor for conscious awareness, shining its light into every corner and crevice.

Time Machine

More space than form, gear-like machinery, marking off successive moments as an unfolding symmetry of passing time.

Magic Mirror

Mirror of self, mirror of memories, mirror of inner states and outer desires.

Mirror of that which needs to be seen, and so it is!

Two Worlds

In a universe where trans-dimensional occupation of a single space would seem entirely possible, two worlds could, indeed, exist in co-occupation of one planet, without interfering, one with the other.


Expansive, explosive energies are at work.