“You need art for the things you can’t give words to.” – Bernardo Kastrup

A Heartfelt Welcome to All

This website is a selection of my artistic creations from the last 50 years.

Sculptures, paintings, drawings and other creative works are accompanied by texts which offer some insight into the various pieces.

The texts address contemporary and existential concerns and realities, often through metaphor and poetic use of language.

The navigation menus open onto a wide variety of artworks. Wander into my creative world.

It would be a real pleasure to hear from you with any and all comments, observations or insights.



From another place and time.

Serenity in Chaos

A world in chaos. Toroid forms bring black holes to mind. Boat forms and multitudes of little round forms, refugees seeking safe shores. A place where life can go on.

The ruminations and creative imagery offered up from beyond conscious awareness, can be surprising and thought provoking.

World Creating Machine

Thoughts twitter birdlike, flitting from branch to fencepost, as spring warms the heart’s cockles…

Soft stirrings of unrecognizable voices can be heard offstage. The choices left open when nothing is determined are infinite. I tend an open heart, a listening ear, to the subtle intimations of an evolving cosmos.

Meaning, direction, growth, substance and need, desire and creed… favor and limit the unfolding. The unfolding… the great deployment, the graceful spread of the cover of all happening over the bed of becoming…

The Shaman Awakes

After a long restless sleep the countryside awakes, the land opens its eyes and opens before us.
The animal emissaries step out of the forest, step into the air, swim the waters with so many eyes, all perceiving, all experiencing consciousness.

The shaman awakes, the scientist rediscovers his heart.
Heart, earth, heart, earth, heart…


Primal insect consciousness. One perceiving‐acting pair in fusional sympathetic passional aggressive union.
The dance of death, the venom dance and the dance with purest instinct. Can the death dealing dart be drawn back once the primal reaction has set in?

The interlocked, interlaced warriors are blind to all that is not a part of their immediate reality situation.
Blades, balls, hooves, architecture and eyes.

Paradigm Shift

The Earth and Moon are lifted from their usual orbits, by two crows, blacker than black. and they are moved through other realities, other perspectives, orientations, openings.

A Radical Shift of the ongoing Paradigm.


Future home for wildly variable environments, responding and adapting to all manner of climate or event.

Flowers Conversing

Sumptuous, perfumed and voluptuous flowers engage in casual conversation.


Swimming lazily in their liquid medium. Floating without effort in their fluid environment. Gathering together in great schools in the seemingly endless depths and breadth of their liquid home. So many perspectives from so many eyes in this underwater world.

Totem in forrest

The feminine figure holds a planetary orb above her head. Her face is masked by the wings of a bird which is flying downward before her.
Another birdlike face, at the base of the sculpture, is integrated into a crownlike form generated by the vertical flight of four geese.

The planet-form has been slightly decomposed at the very peak, where the rain and snow strike and nourish bacterial, and other life. There is some green growth and eventually a tree will probably grow from the rotting wood. A fine metaphor for regeneration and transformation.

Anima Muzzled

Eternal Feminine. The Earth Mother. The Feeling Function. Muzzled by a patriarcal society, by men, frightened, insecure, self-serving men. Her wide open eyes communicate and perceive beyond her restraints.