The following works use words, sentences and the distribution of these elements on the page to explore issues of semantics and our ways of using words and imagination to communicate.

Thoughts on the creative process, musings on life, sincere efforts to express that which defies description. Click on any image to access the entire text, article or page.

Semantic Works

There is an inherent necessity of openness to the improbable in order to experience beyond the known.

Lexical semantics is a linguistic theory that investigates word meaning. This theory understands that the meaning of a word is fully reflected by its context.

Musings and Observations

What organizing principle, operating at what level, causes life to appear, to survive, and to flourish, in so many highly different environments?

Cosmic forces dwarf we little humans and our personal designs. Perhaps we should respect them.

Asteroids stream by us, earthquakes open the ground beneath us, sub-zero temperatures freeze all living things solid. Hot, burning, dehydrating temperatures are contrasted with pouring rains which last for days, deluges and droughts. The infinite emptiness of space is all about us, as the molten core of the earth simmers deep beneath our feet. Life, in its myriad forms, flourishes with dogged resilience in this universe of extremes.

Decisions, Learnings and Understandings

I learned from experience that it was important, in personal interrelations, to be interested in, and to ask about, the other and not just to describe one’s own life and doings (imbued with self-interest).
I learned the importance of being able to put oneself in another’s place in order to gain a better understanding of their reality, aspirations, and motives.
I wondered why some people were almost universally liked.
Wouldn’t it be nice to be liked and accepted almost anywhere?

When I found myself being sarcastic, I awoke to empathy.
If I found myself being overly critical, I awoke to insight.