At the age of 12 I spent long hours exploring the forest, following each stream to its source. This occupation stimulated our imagination while teaching us about the infinite variety of Nature’s forms.

There was an enormous glacial boulder near our home. This granite block was deposited by glacial activity in another epoch. It resembled a giant frog!

I recall thinking that it would be a marvelous joke to visit this spot occasionally, quietly, without prearrangements, and to sculpt the boulder in order to liberate the animal nature contained within it. What a surprise for someone wandering in the woods, to come upon this gigantic creature, crouched and preparing to jump, in the midst of the forest.

This notion of creative, artistic, work which is not particularly concerned with immediate results, but envisions a long term effect. one which leads us toward the source of existence, remains one of the principal vectors of my work. Time and the mysterious influence of the inner dimensions of spirit is another.

My wish would be that we experience, even for the briefest of moments, the interconnection of all things, the unity of world and being. This would invite us to evolve a sane and compassionate society.