These right hemisphere paintings share blue skies, very different blue skies.
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Extra-Terrestrial Ships

On another planet with climatic conditions we would consider extreme, the living and transport vessels are adapted to heavy radiation from a very hot sun. Navigation of acid waters, presence of regular electric storms, release of caustic rains, and various geological obstacles to safe passage, stimulate adaptive responses and new technologies.

Otherwise, it’s life as usual…;o)


Figures in an abstract landscape.

Description of a context of abundance, in a cosmological setting. Where sky ends, universe begins. The mind reflects the actual world, while investing it with understanding.

Harmony and optimism are reflected in the aura of light illuminating and penetrating all things.

Serenity in Chaos

A world in utter chaos. Toroid forms bring black holes to mind. Boat forms and multitudes of little round forms, refugees seeking safe shores. A place where life can go on.

Paradigm Shift

The Earth and Moon are lifted from their usual orbits, by two crows, blacker than black. and are transported above and beyond the quilt of present day perspectives on world and cosmos.

A Radical Shift of the ongoing Paradigm.


Awakening minds transcend the relative contagion of cultural bias and conceptual confusion while illuminating unsuspected inner and outer realities.


Chrysalides soon to become Light Butterflies, born of the Light.

Evolution in a cosmic space, outside of Space-Time. Gradual transformation determined by inner design.