In the forest

This totemic sculpture, vertical narrative sculpted into a laminated beam of BC fir, grew from reflections on the importance of the feminine in the ongoing evolution of life on planet earth.

The darkened areas on the untreated surface of the wood were created by scorching the wood with a propane torch. The effect has been long lasting, yet has faded over time.

Sun, wind, rain, snow, bacteria, fungal, and microbial activity have rendered the surface silvery, weather-hardened with a delicate shading of moss and lichen.

Breast detail

A wonderfully silken, silvery surface, weather hardened but so soft to the touch.

The soft spiraling contours of the breast have been accentuated by the sculptural process of working down through the layers of the wood’s grain, revealing the topography of the human body.


The feminine figure holds a planetary orb above her head. Her face is masked by the wings of a bird which is flying downward before her.
Another birdlike face, at the base of the sculpture, is integrated into a crownlike form generated by the vertical flight of four geese.

The planet-form has been slightly decomposed at the very peak, where the rain and snow strike and nourish bacterial, and other life. There is some green growth and eventually a tree will probably grow from the rotting wood. A fine metaphor for regeneration and transformation.

A call to awareness of the significance of the feminine in human life and psychology.