Shared experiences and the joint accomplishment of significant tasks strengthen relationships amongst people.

Words are only as powerful as the consistent personal behaviour which demonstrates their truth.

Expectations are counterproductive.
Adaptable awareness of unfolding situations invites inspired initiatives and participation.

Genuine people can challenge one’s ideas and notions, just by being themselves.

Voluntary simplicity offers maximum freedom to act when, and as, one wishes.

Decisions, Learnings and Understandings

I learned from experience that it was important, in personal interrelations, to be interested in, and to ask about, the other and not just to describe one’s own life and doings (imbued with self-interest).
I learned the importance of being able to put oneself in another’s place in order to gain a better understanding of their reality, aspirations, and motives. I wondered why some people were almost universally liked. Wouldn’t it be nice to be liked and accepted almost anywhere?
When I found myself being sarcastic, I awoke to empathy. If I found myself being overly critical, I awoke toward insight.
I decided to consciously question the roots of my understanding of language and semantics, in order to have a clearer sense of what is actually being communicated between people. This came about, in part, because I found myself re-reading texts and paragraphs many times over in school, unsure of my comprehension.
I decided to organize my life and world around things over which I had, and should always have, some control. For me, this meant trying to deal honestly, and objectively, with my own feelings and dispositions. It meant placing the value of freedom, in the use of my time and energy, in the exercise of my own thoughts and reflections, before unquestioning service to any person, idea or belief. It meant doing things my way. It meant cultivating tolerance and compassion for myself and others.
I think it best to develop a generous mind, prone to understanding and forgiveness, which is capable of finding happiness and newness in the world and in people. In order to better understand one’s own culture or way of being, it is useful to step outside that culture in order to perceive it from another frame of reference. It is helpful to exercise the mind in seeing things from multiple perspectives, and to imagine creative solutions and options to challenging circumstances.
I realized that, for myself, freedom would come from knowing how to use a variety of tools. With a few well made and well kept tools, one can transform almost any raw material into something useful, even delightful.
I love to carve stone. I have a kit of hand stone carving tools which fit in a leather satchel. With these few tools I can hew large blocks, scribe lettering into stone, sculpt lifelike busts and develop soft sensual curves in marble or granite.

I try to create, and maintain, a warm welcoming home. A place where people feel free to stop by for some conversation and a tea, always finding a listening ear.