Quick sketches and more elaborate drawings are one of my favorite ways of creating fairly rapid images with little or no preparation. This offers the freedom of spontaneity, which is good ground for symbolic, abstract, right brain imagery. Click on any image for additional information.

Anime Muzzled

Her hard wide eyes glare out on an unhearing masculine world…

The maternal earth mother, the nourishing female matrix,  the inner companion,  connection to all things through the womb and through the coursing blood…


So many tunnel vision eyes create a spherical mosaic world image from so many slightly different viewpoints.

Spherical eyes, world eyes, insect metaphor for global unity. Mandibular, spirituo‐sexual incorporation of the one world, taken in as food, digested, transformed… expression of the most basic élan toward oneness.

Outer Light

The environment is light giving, bathed in light… Nature is our book of wisdom…

The egocentric limited world view of the planet bound actor looks out through the confusion of mental forms… seeking understanding where localized chaos reigns.
The will to power assumes itself to be light and in the right.


Future home for living in wildly variable environments, responding and adapting to all manner of climate or survival event.

Solar energy, water filtration and condensation system. Geothermal heating and cooling.

World Creating Machine

I have been this way before, forgotten it, rediscovered and cherished it anew.

When the active and aspiring mind knows no rest the place of the loving heart is a dear and welcome refuge. The place of stillness at the heart of all movement is not moving but moved.


Primal insect consciousness. One perceiving‐acting pair in fusional sympathetic passional aggressive union.

The dance of death, the venom dance and the dance with purest instinct. Can the death dealing dart be drawn back once the primal reaction has set in?

The Shaman Awakes

After a long restless sleep the countryside awakes, the land opens its eyes and opens before us.
The animal emissaries step out of the forest, step into the air, swim the waters with so many eyes, all perceiving, all experiencing consciousness.

The shaman awakes, the scientist rediscovers his heart.
Heart, earth, heart, earth, heart…

Societal Juggling

This beautiful and noble woman strives to transmit light and love.

She advances through the unruly complexity of social relations, the canon of contemporary values, the opinions, posturing, positioning, calculated gossip and power plays of those seeking to improve their outward place in life on superficial levels of hierarchical social economic involvement.


Conscience and Consciousness.

Senses, organs of perception, windows onto the world of form.

Mind and imagery, thought and it’s processes. Figments of the imagination and vestiges, artifacts of inner promptings.