In artistic creation the symbolic, metaphoric style of imagery can be very dreamlike.

When the creative process is entamed, it can be very tempting to get right to work, yet tempering and restraining the creative drive can allow it to mature, while one continues to gather associated information in life and the world around one.

Imagery, creative impulse, freedom of expression, taking the time necessary without undue disturbance, entering the flow of the process.

The creative act is participation in the human adventure. Openness to the movements (voices) of the inner world. Creation of a space where things can happen.

Life works through us.
What do these images have to say to us?

The Creative Process and Synchronicity

There are many parallels between the phenomena of synchronicity and the creative process : Perhaps not so surprising since both events see something new, unexpected and meaningful come into the world of experience.
The following lists describe phases and dynamics of both the creative process and experiences of synchronicity. *

The Creative Process

  • A tension or anxiety develops which announces the constellation of a creative imperative in the unconscious.
  • The individual must support and even embrace this tension with an attitude akin to open acceptance in order to maintain the interface with the unconscious sources of imagery
  • An inner dialogue develops and is nourished by the receptiveness and questioning of the meta-conscious mind One looks for understanding, a way or clues and ressources. Images, words, textures, movement, music, and all manner of vocabulary can serve as a ground out of which the unconscious material comes into our range of perception, inviting recognition
  • The inner material is of a mythologic or symbolic nature and is most often archetypal
    The very intensity of the creative process, as lived by the creative individual, is the surest indication of its evolutionary nature.
  • One work, or succesful embodiment or expression of the creative impulse invites another.
  • The intimate interconnectedness of all things is brought to conscious awareness through these productions of the creative individual and thus becomes available to all.


  • Remarkable synchronistic events take place in transitional or critical life contexts.
  • The inherent tension and anxiety (faced with the unknown) must be supported in order to evolve beyond the limiting circumstance.
  •  The very substrate of life and environment become the plastic material for modeling the unconscious imagery. Life circumstances, creatures and objects mirror inner states.
  • There is a sense here of an imperative from the Self. The intensity of the experience can be life changing.
  • This opens a new way and invites further evolution.
  • One is left with an intuition of the oneness and interconnectedness of all things and beings, and of a fundamental ordering principal in nature which guides our growth.

*The information on the creative process and on synchronicity were drawn from multiple internet and written sources in psychology and other disciplines: including works by C.G.Jung, Erich Neumann, Marie-Louise vonFranz and others.