Many eyed insect world view

So many tunnel vision eyes create a spherical mosaic world image from so many slightly different viewpoints.
Spherical eyes, world eyes, insect metaphor for global unity. Mandibular, spirituo‐sexual incorporation of the one world, taken in as food, digested, transformed… expression of the most basic élan toward oneness.
Group minded, pre‐conscious existence, raw nervous world connection. A thousand seeing eyes. Unity in multiplicity.

A demure, sensually moving woman saunters to the front of the room and whispers into the excited ear of a gentleman, perched on his designated pedestal. Perched as a large bird perches, cocking his head from side to side as if to better read the room, to better understand the situation through constantly changing perspectives… as a dog, also, cocks his head in questioning wonder before the unusualness of the situation.

I cock my head, balanced on the end of my spine… first to one side and then, through the slow arc of deliberation, to the other side. And it does help me to understand.
The world through many prismed insect eyes, as a crowd sees the show through a thousand independent lenses connected to half as many apparently independent minds.