The paintings presented here are most often symbolic, metaphors describing psychological and social dynamics. These images demonstrate right hemisphere expression, wholistic and sometimes paradoxical. Click on an image to open a page with additional information.

Dream Voyage

A journey to the heart of the night, to the land of dreams. Subliminal influences and unaddressed concerns float, hazy and of uncertain contour in the immensity of the otherness of inner states


The body remains, as the highly charged atmosphere receives the living essence into itself, where it has always been, but temporarily forgotten.

Nature celebrates life, and a rebirth is already begun. Ascension .


Gaia’s homeostasis has been jabbed, prodded and violated wantonly by our very own selves. Hummm. What have we been thinking?

Systems will return to relative harmony amongst their constituant parts. It will take time. Not time measured on the scale of our daily human comings and goings. Trans-generational time.

Beauty remains, constantly creating entities and worlds.

Localized chaos, generated by us.