These sculptures in stone and other materials, were produced over the last 45 years.
Each work represents a phase of active reflection and study of the materials, an opening to inspiration and a work ethic which always seeks to respect intimations from the inner voice.
*photos by Fernande Forest

The Dream

Eyes closed, completely relaxed and open to the vastitude of inner and outer space.

The planet, sun, spherical ideal form, floats in the clouds of unknowing…;o)

A meditative piece, reaching physically, deep into the limestone, itself built of countless fossilized creatures having lived long long long ago.


“Experts say that the tombstone on his grave portrays Pakal sitting in a kind of ship, given that his hands and feet seem to be operating some sort of board and pedals.

In addition to what would be the rear, fire can be seen, apparently coming from the propeller of the ship.

This and other evidence found around his tomb have fueled the legend that Pakal had the means to visit outer space and even travel through time.”

quote from –

I reproduced this funeral slab with care to detail, from photos of the original.


Totemic, symbolic vertical narrative, but trees grow that way so…;o)
The female figure holds a planetary orb. Her face is masked by the wings of a descending bird.
Four geese fly upward from the ground to form a crown around the figure.

– sculpted in laminated BC Fir, recuperated from a fire.