A Creative Experiment

One fine day I was hanging out with friends and the thought came to initiate a collective drawing with the two young boys, Leaf and Lupin, aged 6 and 8. The year was approximately 1978.

I folded a sheet of paper into three equal sections, unfolded the sheet and sketched short line segments across the fold line before cutting along the fold to create three separate pieces. Each piece of paper had the reference marks along one or two page edges.
The reference marks were to become part of the drawing that we would each do.

We retired to different areas of the house so we could not see what each the other was drawing. I kept a watchful eye out to ensure that we were not copying or even noticing the other drawings.

The paper was beige and of little commercial value…;o)

The reference marks made on the folds of the original sheet of paper would ensure some connection amongst the three drawings.

Lupin’s piece of paper had reference marks on one side, which he would incorporate in his drawing.

Leaf had reference marks on two sides of his piece of paper. He was the youngest participant.

My reference marks were to the left of my sheet of paper. I had no idea what my two cohorts would draw.

Lupin had many eyes in his drawing and a volcanic mountain with a smile and an eye, as well. His creatures were connected to the reference marks with strings, much like kite strings. The drawing does not continue off page to the left, but limits itself to the reference marks on the right.

Leaf is involved with truck transport, with headlights beaming, amongst the mountains, from one horizon to the other. Roads and trucks, all headed somewhere.

Mountains and eyes continue in my drawing, as well as the radiating lines coming from the sun and the eye. Each of our drawings was realized with no outer awareness of the other two.

And here is the result of our encounter!

Here is the final piece after having joined the three individual creations, inspired in their beginnings by simple reference points on the edge of the page.

Do you see anything unusual ? Do you think that these three individuals, aged 6 to 30, could have created an image with such coherence through conscious collaboration? What was the source of our imagery? Were we, indeed, collaborating in another realm of communication?